Attention Entrepreneur Dads

Watch this 9-minute video on how I run a 7-figure service business on only 4 hours a month, so I can be a present dad, devoted husband, avid traveler, and a better man.

I've run service businesses for 22 years. I've bought them. I've sold them. I've set them up to operate without me.

Come inside and see how I integrate business and life as a dad. Click the button, enter your email address and then take my strategies and put them into your business too.


Need more reasons to listen to me?
- Achieved financial freedom at age 32
- Run service businesses for 22 years
- Business runs on 4 hours (or less) a month of my time
- Take months away from my business (no calls, slack or sms)
- Devoted Dad and Husband
- Great sex life and passion in my relationship